Great Expectations


1Cor. 1:30 (NIV) “It is because of Him (God) that you are in Christ Jesus, WHO has become FOR US wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption.” 

In vs 23 of this same chapter Paul declares that he preaches Christ and Him crucified. 

Whatever facet of truth we may present, it must be done in order that men might know, and appropriate for themselves, the Person of the resurrected Savior. This must ever be the purpose of all that we preach, in whatever form we may present it, whether spoken or written. There are many things to be taught but all have this one purpose as their end result. “Oh, that I might know Him,” was the cry of Paul’s heart. To know Him aright IS life eternal. 

It is so easy to get hung up on one particular facet of truth and, as a result, never arrive at the desired destination. A good analogy of this might be a bridge spanning the distance between the banks of a roaring river. The bridge is a means by which the dangerous currents may be avoided. However if, in crossing the bridge, one stops in the middle to view something that has captured his interest and never leaves that spot to continue his journey, he never arrives at the desired destination. 

In this day in which God is calling out a people from all denominations to form a single body of believers, a remnant so to speak, to be used in the establishing of His kingdom on earth, it must be remembered that unless the believer goes on to know from experience Who Jesus is, and to allow Jesus to apply all that He is to his own life, he may as well never have come out of that which held him captive. 

It is the overcomer who will rule and reign with Jesus throughout eternity. And it is through the death and resurrection of Jesus that we become overcomers. 

1John 5:4,5 (NIV) “This is the victory that overcometh world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” This word “believe” involves something more than a mere head knowledge. We know that devils believe and tremble. What is referred to here as believing has to do with the leaning of the entire being on Jesus, depending on the fact that He is the Son of God and is able to keep that which has been committed unto Him. It is the committing of our lives wholly into His care. 

If we have seen the need to leave all that separates men from one another, to become a single body in the Christ Who cannot be divided, and have gone on to know Jesus in all that He has been made to us, we are indeed most blessed, for we will be the overcomers who will reign and rule with Him throughout all eternity. Praise be to His wonderful name!

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