Great Expectations


In this tabernacle of the Lord, the human mind, are two compartments, separated by a veil: the conscious and the subconscious mind. It is this subconscious mind that God wishes to get hold of and, from there, rule over the entire tabernacle. When He is allowed control of the subconscious, the actions of the individual are normalized.

The Creator never violates the will of the creature. For God to rule in this manner He must be given this control by a deliberate act of the will. Until this has taken place, our words and actions take on a certain religiosity. This does not mean to say that we are not sincere in word and deed, but rather that we have a tendency to get carried away and put everything in religious terminology. It is this quality in us that the unbeliever may find offensive and our fellow believers find boring.

The spiritual realm is, at the same time, miraculous and normal. That is to say, this supernatural life has become the norm and expresses itself in a natural manner,has become an integral part of our being. It is this that takes place when complete control of our lives has been given over to Him. If this is the existing condition, we can do whatever we want to do. We do not have to turn to God every moment to ask Him whether this or that is His will because our actions are being motivated from the subconscious level. The Spirit moves to activate the centers of the mind that control our actions and we move freely to do whatever is upon our hearts to do. If we live our entire day in this state of being, we will always be doing the will of God. We may be doing the usual things for the most part, but our activity will fluctuate as we are moved by the Spirit within. This same thing applies to our speech, to the way in which we express ourselves to others.

We may, and probably will, go along for years thinking everything has been put under His control, and then suddenly become aware that this has not altogether been the case, to find that we have been going along asking God, “shall I do this?” or “shall I do that?” and have found ourselves to be under a certain degree of bondage.

Most of us still have much more “religion” in us than we are aware of. The boy has been taken out of the country, but the country is still “hanging around” in the boy. But God is working on that, and we are ever in the process of change, of growth. We can be perfect little green apples, and that is all that He desires of us at this time. Maturity is yet in the making. How glorious it is to put everything into His hands, and then to leave it there!

The veil has been rent from top to bottom and only God could accomplish this feat. Given the opportunity, He rules from the Holy of Holies, from the Holiest of all, and the supernatural life becomes the norm, the life that is natural to us, and expresses itself in a natural form. May this yielded life ever be our experience as we eagerly await His coming and the merging of these two compartments into one! Amen! So be it Lord!

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