Great Expectations


“In the midst of the congregation I will sing praises to you.” Heb 2:12b, Ps 22:22

He stands in our midst singing praises to God through us, His brethren, while we are gathered together, while we are alone in our homes, or wherever we may be. 

Praise is the highest form of communion. God inhabits the praises of His people. There is no surer way of growing in the Lord than to raise our voices to Him in praise and worship. 

As I worship the Lord and praise Him in song, I think of this praise as going out into the atmosphere and ethers where the vibrations, created as I worship, exercise their healing effect on men, on animals, and on the very nature itself, on all matter. Every blade of grass, every tree, has it’s counterpart and is to be clothed upon from on high. 

Can we see why all of creation awaits the manifestation of the sons of God, waits for God to be manifested as the elect rise into the place of authority where each and every individual manifests the part of the many-sided wisdom of God that he has been created to be? It is here, in this manifestation, that it is to be liberated. Rom 8: 21-23 A study of the entire chapter of Romans 8 will be beneficial here. 

Are we longing for the coming of our Lord? He must first be manifested so that all the world shall have the opportunity to see Him as He is, and we have a part in this process as we take our place in His ministering body. He is coming! Let us prepare the way of the coming of the Lord! Let us remove every hindering stone and prepare a highway! Amen! Praise the Lord! All that is within me praise His wonderful name!

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