Great Expectations


Rhythm is the heartbeat of the universe. It is movement in a pulsating pattern. Everything harmonious makes its cycle in the balance of rhythmic movement. God breathes out His Spirit. The radiation of the eternal Christ is everywhere. 

This presence of the Christ within is not static. It is a continuous flow. As man breathes from Him, this Light enters his being and is immediately refracted and sent out to every fiber, cell, and corpuscle of his being, and, from his innermost being, rises an adoration and worship of this wonderful Redeemer that flows forth and returns to the God who created him. The cycle is complete. It is called communion. It is the fulfillment of the symbol that preceded it. 

We walk in cross currents. Howling winds of adversity whip around us as we move. Even the legitimate demands on our attention are myriad. The process of association is an effective catalyst. The automatic process of breathing is an inherent part of man. He can, as he draws the air into his lungs, see with the eye of faith the Light of Christ entering his being, and soon the connection has been established. 

God has a remnant on the earth today; a people with an ear to hear and an eye to see. These people will not accept frustration as the norm. When they hear the sound of the trumpet (the proclaiming of the message) they are coming up, wherever they may be. They will try the spirits for themselves and so determine whether or not these things be true. And they will see the Glory of God! Hallelujah!!

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