Great Expectations


Do we really want to go on to know the Lord? He will not disappoint us. His own heart desires fellowship with us even more than we long to be with Him. He is waiting only for us to take our rightful place before Him. Once this has been done, He will fill our lives continuously with the consciousness of His presence; but He will never be satisfied to play a secondary role in our lives. 

He has called us to service-to a service that is completely guided by His own hand. How often have we gone though the day doing everything we can think of to publish His Word, diligently making every possible contact to present His truth, without any real sense of accomplishment? Is this not due to the fact that we have not really found that place of rest where every moment of our day is led by Him, not as we strive to make it so, but as the natural outcome of His covenant being fulfilled in us moment by moment. Actually, we have only one thing to concern ourselves with and the rest will follow automatically: that is, to be certain that He has indeed been put in charge of our lives. 

And now for the all important question, “how can we make certain that this has been done?” We know that it is Christ within us who is the hope of Glory. It is from here, then, that He will communicate with us. As I look to Him there, and draw from His Person, He directs my every step as His Spirit flows through me bringing His Life moment by moment. This is the fulfillment of His covenant to me. 

As the believer makes certain to stand in his rightful place before the Lord, the Lord takes care of everything else throughout the day. Every morning he can renew his standing and be assured that God will do through him what He wants to do moment by moment. 

He knows how to cut to the heart of the matter and accomplish more in a few moments than we will be able to accomplish in the entire day. True, this requires a great deal of attention for a time, but it is well worth whatever it takes to stand before the Lord and do His will, allowing Him to use us in anyway He will, whenever and wherever He will. 

May we ever be faithful stewards and see a bountiful harvest in the earth in this last day. Amen!

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