Great Expectations


Pray that He come not in winter
When cold blizzards ravage your land
E’er time you have had to consider
Your need of the Master’s Hand
Clasped tightly here upon your own
To temper every storm
That peace within you may be sown
Rest in your heart be born.

Pray that He come not on the Sabbath 
E’er you have ceased from your works 
While you are striving to walk on the path 
Where the self-will of slavery lurks; 
For the heir but as a servant must be 
Until he has mastered the art 
Of finding himself unfettered and free 
The symbol fulfilled in his heart.

Pray that He come not while you have babes 
Who the milk of the Word still demand 
For that one who coddling and nursing yet craves 
Shall be stripped of the swaddling band. 
The work that He does on the earth must be quick 
Each heart must respond, fear unknown, 
Must stretch forth the wing, tho’ the forest be thick 
Launch forth when the trumpet is blown.

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