Great Expectations


We can dissipate our forces if we want to. We have that prerogative. But the question is, in the face of the opportunity being offered us today, does wisdom dictate such a course. 

Like the bundle of sticks that, while bound together in a single unit, could not be broken, so is a people who stands in a single body. This body of people, in the hands of the Holy Spirit, is the most powerful force in existence on earth today. 

While an individual halts between two opinions-has not settled in his own mind whether he be of Paul, or of Apollos, or of Cephas, or of Christ-whether he will walk in the camp of Luther, of Calvin, of Wesley, or of the founder of some other denomination, he remains in an isolated state. The strength of the bundle is absent-its force has been dissipated.

For many years it was God’s purpose to scatter his people among the (denomi-) nations-the “named” nations. This was his plan for preserving them until the time should come when He was ready to use them to usher in the fullness of the kingdom reign. 

The ark was not built for journeying. While it did take a short trip when serving the purpose for which it had been built, its purpose was to preserve a people of destiny. 

It is a new day. The day of the Lord has come upon us. A day of gross darkness on the one hand, and of a mighty deliverance on the other. It is a day when many consecrated believers are being gathered together outside of the existing denominational walls. Had Luther, Calvin, or Wesley been offered such an alternative in their day, I fully believe they would have accepted it with great joy. It is a wonderful day in which to be alive! We are greatly privileged to be living at such a time as this-a time of unsurpassed opportunity. 

We praise and glorify His name as we follow on to know Him and to allow Him to live His own life in and through us, both as individuals and as a corporate body in which He will demonstrate in the earth, not only His own nature, but even His very might and power to subdue all things unto Himself! Amen! So be it, Lord Jesus! 

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