Great Expectations


Zech 6:12  “Behold the Man whose name is the BRANCH! From His place He shall branch out, and he shall build the temple of the Lord.

Many today feel that we are on the brink of a great revival. Others feel that we are in the midst of such a move.  As I  see it, the Scripture does not teach this.

I do not believe that the time of revival will come before the Lord has gathered His remnant—this people who are to be His instrument at the time of His second coming.

In the past man has enjoyed earth-shaking visits of the Holy Spirit in times of revival.  These visitations, wonderful as they were, did not bring the maturity that must come before the time of harvest.  This maturity will be accomplished only in a corporate body of believers—in a remnant.  Taken together, the members of this remnant are a dwelling place for the Spirit of God, and He is going to use them to bless the entire church and the church will usher in His kingdom.

We are told explicitly the manner Christ is going to use in gathering His remnant.  It is not to be by widespread revival.  Numbers are not a factor in this ingathering.  The Kingdom of God comes without observation.  The process that is in progress even now is taking place in such a way that only those who are able to see and receive it are even aware that it is happening.

The mustard seed was the smallest of all seeds and yet it grew into a mighty tree which became a shelter for the birds of the air that found a nesting place in it branches.  It grew into this largest of all herbs through the process of branching.

The Man, the BRANCH, is branching out from His place, and it will be who builds the temple of the Lord.  Where is this place? In the body that He is calling out and gathering together!  How does this process of branching take place?  One person shares the truth of the existence of the remnant with various others, and each one who truly receives this truth passes it on to yet others, and soon it is multiplying so rapidly that it begins to snowball. That I believe, is what is happening in the earth today.  Praise His wonderful name!  Amen! 

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