Great Expectations


Isa. 33:20-23

Look upon Zion, oh people of God,
The chosen of His hand-
A place of streams and rivers broad
Where He is in command-
A place where boat by oar propelled
Can ne’er an entrance gain,
Where stately ship, by motor held
Seeks passage-but in vain.

Into the wind now set your sail, 
Your hoisting ropes hold taut; 
The slightest breeze shall here prevail 
And all else be for naught. 
Your harp take from the willow tree 
Whose long boughs sway and bend; 
Your heart keep fastened here on Me, 
My Life through you I’ll send.

By the rivers of Babylon they grow- 
These moving, swaying trees- 
And as the winds of doctrine blow 
They shift and bow to please. 
In Zion dwell the gifted men 
That to the church are given; 
The risen Christ Who lives again 
Opens gates of heaven. 
We can paddle our own canoes until we are black in the face; we can get into large and powerful organizations and seek to storm the gates of the Kingdom of God in this manner-all to no avail. The only way we can get there is by spreading our sails open to the wind of the moving of the Spirit, tightening our hoisting ropes and holding them steady, waiting for the blowing of His breath to take us on in. All else is wasted effort.

We need to take our harps from the willow tree. The acrylian harp played as the wind blew upon it as does the human mind, which is being played upon either by the breath of the Spirit or by a contrary wind. We need to anchor our harps in a sure place. We have an Anchor within the veil, where One has gone on before us and opened the door. He awaits there to receive all who will come to Him. The Spirit of Truth has come and will lead us into all truth as we wait upon Him. Praise His wonderful name! Amen and amen!

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