Great Expectations

The Son Of Man

There is a man, ‘tis plain to see
Tho’ He does not walk by Galilee
Who holds the Bread within His hand
To break and feed to every land.

And so I walk now by His side 
And in His person do abide 
To then, in turn, take from the Son 
This food and feed the hungry one.

These fishes few; this loaf so small, 
In some strange way are food for all 
Who leap with joy to see the day 
Of the Son of Man come in full array.

This Bread I find is a Body so changed 
With all of its atoms so rearranged 
That corruption has fled, has found no place, 
In this Body raised up for the human race.

I eat and I find that to me it is life, 
I too am changed and am raised above strife; 
With joy I partake and wait for the time 
When all who shall come this new Life shall find.

I drink of the wine of this kingdom renewed 
And find in my bloodstream evil being subdued; 
Then I think of the mount where with Jesus men feared 
When the Kingdom of God in its splendor appeared;

When the veil was turned back and the glory then shown 
As the Kingdom of God to man was made known; 
A foretaste of Glory to come among men 
On the say when the Son shall come back again.

And then, as I muse, my being is thrilled 
And I see before me these things being fulfilled; 
And heaven and earth now sing a new song 
For redemption has come; to Him now we belong.

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