Great Expectations


From him to whom much has been given, much will be expected.  I may not understand how it is that this person or that one, who loves God and is living for Him, is being so mightily blessed of Him, and yet does not appear to be required to do what I feel I must do to please Him and go forward with Him.  Stewardship is not founded on that basis.  The steward who doubled the five talents he had been given received the same commendation as he who had doubled the ten talents that had been entrusted to him.  If God has invested many gifts and talents in us, we will be held accountable for the way we have employed them.

Our hearts are often tender toward God as we set out to minister for Him, led on by the burning within that compels us to publish the Word of the Kingdom.  Then, someplace along the way, we may become so wrapped up in what we are doing, and in the encouragement of those who have joined with us to help us in “building again the walls of Jerusalem,” that we somehow lose that keen edge of earnest longing and desire that characterized our early ministry, and which God was able to use so mightily in drawing men unto Himself.

When Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls of the city that had been left in shambles when the people had been carried away into captivity, he had a single eye, he had but one purpose, and he threw everything into the accomplishment of that purpose, never counting the cost, until the job was finished.

Now, today, God is bringing again Zion, the walls of that heavenly Jerusalem are in the process of being established so that, in this day of the fulfillment of all things, His people may live together in unity and in peace in an eternal kingdom. He has His gifted men in place, and these ministries that God has given to the church(Eph 4:11-16)are 
functioning until “all come to the measure of the stature of Christ.” Nothing shall deter these men from doing that which they have been given to do.  We are living in a wonderful day! 

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