Great Expectations


Man is now having his opportunity to show what he can do to bring peace to this war-torn world.  God has said that His Spirit would not always strive with men, and it would appear this striving of the Spirit has been lifted and is allowing every man to go to his own place.  Thus we see the evil that is so evident on every hand today.  The chosen of God, who have answered His call to press on to the high calling of God as it is in Christ Jesus, have nothing to fear.  It is all being allowed by their Father and everything is still very much under His control.

The United Nations appears to be playing  a prominent role in the unifying of the nations of the earth under one rule.  Because of its wide acceptance, it has what might appear to be almost unlimited power.  Its actions will certainly bear watching.

Events are taking place so rapidly in the world today that the attempt to keep up with all that is taking place almost leaves one dizzy.  I do not feel to mention here the events that I have been made aware of as they happened.  First because my memory is not up to the task of doing that unerringly, and secondly because there are places where this information can be found if one takes the trouble to locate them; but the events are earth-shaking in their propensity.

Once this world government has gained complete control,  freedom of the individual will be a thing of the past.  It is then that the events recorded in various chapters of Revelation concerning the mark of the beast will take on a deeper significance for the believer.  Whatever this mark will consist of, and there are many opinions on that subject, those who have followed on to know God in the fullest sense of the word, need have no fear.  God has a way of supplying the needs of His people. He is the God of miracles.

Those persons who have taken it upon themselves to do the work belonging only to Almighty God will be defeated in their purpose; and they who have gone on to do ALL His holy will, whatever suffering it may have 
entailed, will rule and reign with Him forever and ever, world without end. Praise be unto His wonderful name!

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