Great Expectations


The year of Jubilee has come
The captives are set free
The wheels of progress heard to hum
As every searching bee
Finds his way to sun and light
Dark caverns leaves behind
The world embarks on such a flight
As dazzles human mind.

“A shortage?” man is heard to ask 
All resources gone? 
Then what is this in which we bask 
From whence ideas spawn 
That make the old earth turn and spin 
Until it finds the norm 
In which a new earth can begin 
Another day be born?

All energy has been expended? 
What a joke indeed! 
‘Tis only that the day has ended 
In which there is a need 
For building blocks and ABC’s 
And all these childish things 
That which the eye of faith now sees 
From restoration springs.

A source of energy extends 
Beyond the faintest blue 
This garment of the old earth ends 
In threads of every hue 
That spring to life beneath a burst 
Of energy so bright 
That nuclear fission at its worst 
Compares not with this light.

And so the footstool of our God 
Shakes its shaggy head 
Unseats the men that wield the rod 
Where innocent blood is shed 
And raises up instead a throne 
Where justice is the rule 
A government on earth is sown 
That gives to God His tool.

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