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Welcome to Great Expectations, and thank you for visiting. My name is Mike and I am a believer of Christ. I seek nothing but the truth. I have never been to a church most of my life except a few times to observe. Please do not judge me before you read my testimony. The articles in this site is provided for free, there is no revenue generation nor am I not selling any books, nor am I seeking fame and self glorification. The words are from the Holy Spirit and it is for the edification of the end time church.
I was born in a Chinese Immigrant family who worships idols in Malaysia. The Lord called me when I was 7, whilst holding an idol with my hands, burning incense, a still small voice said “This is not your God!”. Since then I have been searching for the truth. One day when I was 17, I met a lady online. Her name was Vivian Peek, and she was 82 years old when I met her in 1997.

She has since returned to be with the Lord. Vivian introduced me to Don Murphy who has many writings inspired by the Holy Spirit. Don’s messages are available at
Vivian wrote many articles and poems that were inspired by the Holy Spirit and together we published them in this page below.
The Holy Spirit has also put some words for me to write, in particular messages to the end time church, in Mike’s Corner.

Welcome to GREAT EXPECTATIONS. My name is Viv` and this site is here, in part, to publish the articles given to me under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Also you will find the testimonies of various friends. There is a section on poetry as well, if you enjoy poetry. Well you can just open up here and discover for yourself what I feel are just a few of the wonderful expectations we have in these last days. It is, indeed, a wonderful day in which to be living. Praise the Lord!

Articles sowing seed for thought: 

My Testimony in Part
Test for the Spirit of Antichrist
An Undefeatable Army
The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy
One Government World
Know the Enemy
The Firstfruits
The New Covenant
Controlling the Mind
Dissipating Our Forces
Singing Praises
The Breath of Life
Branching Out
God Must Be Manifested
Going On To Know Him
Who Jesus Is
Guarding the Mind
The Holy of Holies
The Inheritance
The Highway of Deliverance
The Church Of The Living God

Here are a few of the poems God has given me over past years. Hope you will enjoy them: 

Zion: The Centre of the Earth
The Gulf Stream
From One As Good As Dead
The Climber
The Son Of Man
The Channel
The Defense of Jerusalem
Walk On
The Manchild

These radio messages were broadcast from Miami, Florida by an Evangelist friend in 1960, and are even more pertinent today because the time of their fulfillment is very close at hand. 

The Elijah Ministry
The Church: The Christ of God
The Organism: The Church
God’s Instrument: The Church
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